Course Styles

Active and Reflective Learners
• Active learners are able not only to understand but also to actively learn, read, to do something with the information—at least argue bout it or use in further learning. What about reflective learners, they would like to think out the information first.
• So active learner will use the info even without evaluating its usefulness, and the reflective one will first of all think of necessity of it, and only after it use the information.
• Active learners like group studies, collective work and thinking, the reflective are less likely for that, they prefer to work alone.
• Sitting and writing lectures of course is boring for both types, but an active learner it may be much more difficult.

There are no active or reflective people in the pure form. One and the same category can be reflected in the same person, and it may have the certificate of development, for example strong or weak. A balance of the two is desirable. You may get into trouble always rushing into situation you haven’t first

evaluated carefully, but at the same time if you spend more time on thinking very time you meet a problem, it means you are quite unconfident and the trouble won’t disappear for a long run.

How Can Active Learners Help Themselves?
If in your class very little time is spent for substantial discussion over a particular problem, or there are no arguing and solving modes, you may try to develop your ability while studies.