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Important information about collaborated foreign universities :

College of Cambridge Kipp

Certified learning and educational programs – UK

Providing world-class standard of Collaborative and Cooperative distance Learning

Registration No. 7924925, authenticated
By the Registrar of Companies under section 1115
of the Companies Act 2006 – United Kingdom
95 High Street,
Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom.
Zip code: HP16 0AL
Telephone: +441223969075

Degrees we offer by foreign universities are not UK degrees.

Educational modules or any other program we offer by college or by partnership with international educational firms and international certificates aren’t UK degrees and aren’t lead to UK degree, they are only educational certificates and only accredited by (World Research Academics & Schools (wrs c

Although College of Cambridge Kipp is located in UK but it doesn’t issue any degrees in UK or in any other country degrees, also studying in the college won’t lead you to take degree from universities and you can’t claim degree from any university because you studied educational course or module in the college.

College of Cambridge Kipp provides only educational courses certificates.

College of Cambridge Kipp’s international certificate are issued in the name of collaborated educational firms outside UK because the college provides only the educational program & the collaborated firms are accredited from the higher commission of W.R.SCS organization (World Research Academics & Schools (w rs in the United Kingdom to prove the quality of research module. Degree not accredited in UK and they are not qualifications from a UK institution and their degree accreditation is from overseas.

All degrees mentioned in the website are provided with collaboration with foreign educational firm outside UK and in countries that allow cooperation and with no UK degree, customized data will be provided for each program.

W.R.S CS is a registered certification mark in UK , to know more about standard & criteria of certification http://w rs

All costs of the programs will be paid direct to the educational firm.

Once you choose a collaborated university we will provide you with full details about its accreditation and recognition in the country of educational firm.

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