• Accessibility: For those who living away from learning center, campus and school or living in remote regions by allowing students and instructors to interact without being in the same place. For those have different responsibilities prevent them from the traditional education. For those who suffering from disability. And for those how had jobs during normal school hours. From home, people can learn and get a whole knowledge through the distance learning without interrupting their lifestyle. Distance learning is suitable for students, which attendance is an option for them, they can access the course from everywhere in the world and anytime.The distance learning allows the employees to acquire new skills that may improve their employment opportunity or may be required for their company, they want a higher education without give up their jobs. The student can access the course by many different methods, the most popular are emails, faxes, telephones, audio and video recordings, print materials and much more others. They can submit their assignments with the click of the button. Through use of technology it becomes easier to look through study subject.